I am : Nina

Jakarta, 11 Aug 2016

Hai !

Finally, after several years with many discussion and encouragement from my husband and best friends, I start !

First of all, I would like to apologize for any miss-spelling, miss-grammar and low vocabulary. Long time ago, my former boss ~that also become one of my best friend~, asked me : “Nina, do you really speak english ?” or “Nina, was it english?” Sometimes he commented : “Nina, it doesn’t sound like english!” or “Nina, you need to improve your English!” LOL. ~I miss him so much!!!~ Yet, why I use English as my main language? The reason is simple : My Bahasa also BAD ! Even though I am Indonesian and grow up with the language, but to write an article or story in Bahasa is really hard, in my opinion.   Please, believe me ! I can give you the proof !!!! I got 5 in Senior High School final report ~ where the highest is 10~ !  On top of that, I would like to maintain my English ability as I am a housewife (This will be another story !). So I might mix some word in Bahasa and English, so… Please forgive me in advance.

Enough on the background. Now…. About me. Who am I ? I am definitely a woman even though many people said I am a man trapped in a woman body. I am fierce sometimes…(hmmmm….maybe most of the time???!!!) I am tough. I am a dreamer with strong belief. To be blunt, my dream usually happened, even though the journey is quite rocky. 🙂  I have wonderful marriage life with a son  ~ for now and do want to have more in the future ~. Just recently become a housewife (June 2016 is the beginning) after more than 13 years working. My talent : still try to find it and hopefully it is them not only it (too greedy, am I?) I love to read and I love to share so this blog is one of the outcome. I am adventurous yet not an extreme one. I think, its all that I can shared about me. For the rest, just enjoy my blogs (hopefully) and you can guess about me by them.

Cheers !

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