Time is money, is that so?

Its been a while since my last writing. Here is a little something on my discussion with my son during our way home from shopping mall.

And this conversation happens when mommy saw that some people drives really slow.

Mom : Son, we need to be quick in our move because every single time that we lost, means loss opportunity on other things that can be valued with money.

Son : I am sorry mommy, i dont think so.

Mom : XX!!! (Try not to angry)

Son : I believe that time is more precious than money.

Mom : hmmmm…. could you elaborate more?

Son : Means that because it is so precious and as you know, we can not ask God, hey God, please give me more time or please God, i want to buy time; we need to savor every moment that we have and enjoy it while we can.

In some way, his opinion is legit yet mommy told him that those thinking will be good as long as people also consider their slow act to others and the self development.

Don’t make the thought become excuse to delay others and makes himself become dull.

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