The decision need to be made

I paid quite alot of money to get unique address for my blog, where it happened unplanned. My friend asked, “why did you pay when you can get free as a trial for your blog?” I told him, I tried to find a button for free blog but in the end, I could not found any. Instead, I found a click for around 100 Usd membership to get personalized address. It seems like an excuse but it was what it was.

And here I am, after a while, vacumm for several months, wasting money its appeared. (If I talked about money, I do remember that my former bos remind me that not all is about money… :p a memory it is) So… I try to share how I feel right now as I am no long working after 13 years service in different companies. 

Half year, 7 months to be precised, its how long i have been stop working and become a house manager.

Was I busy within those months? I was really really really busy.

What did I do ? Hmmm… Just doing this and that. Taking care my son, helping my father to heal, try to make my business works and in the end, I feel like I am busy yet achieve nothing. The last statement earned some critics from my closest person and friends.

Do I miss my working time? Yes I do!!!! I miss the routines, I miss the engagement with peoples, I miss arguing about things, I miss defending my statement, I miss traveling aboard and converse with multicultural employee. And most of all, I miss the money.

If you ask me, do u ever regret on your resignation? I said NO, because I know it was the path that we needed to choose. I can say that I have a balance life now. Compares to a year ago where I was really busy until midnight everyday because the needs of catching up all the notes or tasks that My Son wont did during the day, preparing the questions for him to practice on the day after (during his time with granny) and the last is preparing and checking my father medications. On top of that, I was really nervous everyday during 12 to 2 pm, waiting for text or call from my mom or the teacher, informed what went wrong during the day in school. I did believe that I am no wonder woman. At certain level of time, we need to choose and make decision.

Was the decision easy to take? No, it was not. It tooks 1,5 years for us to consider, ask for expert help and try to manage the time between office and home. The thing that really hard to leave is the position that I had. A woman, in automotive industry specifically in parts, to earn the position that I left behind, need alot of hard time and acknowledgement from many parties. The area where men are everywhere and women are rare, you do need to prove yourself, let them see that you have brain and walk the talk, the efforts are more than a man need to put.

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  1. Jeniffer natapura says:

    So proud of you nin. I believe it really hard decision to be made back then. But anyway like you said, its not all about money. Go go mommy!

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