What A Leader should has.

Son : Mom, why daddy is at home today?

Mom : Because today he is working from home since there is a rally.

Son : What is rally, mom?

Mom : Rally is demonstration where the citizent raise their opinion or compalints about something and demand government to change that.

Son : What is this about ?

Mom : They complaint about Jakarta Governor and ask president to change the governor.

Son : Why they ask the Governor to be changed?

Mom : Because he has different religion.

Son : Hmmmm… How about his attitude? Do he follow the rule? I meant the country rule? 

Mom : Yes, indeed, he even tries to make all of citizens follow the rule.

Son : How about his emotion ? Do he care about people ? Do he easily get angry ?

Mom : Yes, he care about people and try to build Jakarta to a better place yet he is easily get angry and put out some harsh words.

Son : hmmm… I think he do a good work but he has to improve his emotion. No need to change him yet make him as co-governor and ask him to calm down. Afterwards he should be a governor again. Jakarta can have so many religions, isnt it Mom? Do we have a rule that only certain religion can rule?

Mom : Hmmm… I dont think religion is in the rule, son. 

Son : Then, just try my suggestion. I think people should not complint again.

๐Ÿ™‚ I wish it is that easy, son. 

“The only disability in this life is bad attitude.”

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