When I am big

Mom : Son, Mommy will help to guide you become a succesfull person with lots of money but happy, okay… Just let mommy know what do want to be.

Son : Mom, I want to be a scientist. A secret scientist. So I can work by myself.

Mom : Why is that? 

Son : I dont want to have a boss. But if I become the boss, its okay. Or other people become my partners. Just partners, not my boss. I can sell the invention and the money is all for me. I will create a portal, mommy. Its not easy.

And mommy was speechless. 

Mom : Its okay, son. Dont forget to study well, do your best and dont give up. Mommy will guide you.

Son : okay mommy. Thank you my sweet mommy.

Mom : 🙂

The joy of taking care my son is to get so many amazing conversation that could also enrich my view as a person.

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