These quotes were kept in my IPhone notes and I wrote whenever I thought of them even if it was in the middle of meetings, during conversation with others or when i was in car travelling from 1 place to another….

Oct 7, 2015

When getting old, we tend to forget the idealism. Instead of doing something with excitement, we tend to do the usual way. Yet, when we want to work on the excitement, people tend to judge us, saying that we are immature or too over. And its also happens with our closest people.

Than the question is : should we let what people think drive our action ? Live the life with passion, use the earplug and let people judge you…

Nov 19, 2015 am 

How will you define love? Is it by sending gifts? Is it by kisses? Is it by sex? Is it by showing jealousy? My definition on love is when i miss to see him even though its 12 pm and we just met at home during the morning as well as when ever i go, every single thing will remind me about him.

Nov 19, 2015 pm 

Gosip… Ibarat kata setitik jarum beracun yg ditusukkan ke badan… Jika tdk ditanganin dengan cepat, bisa membunuh…

Dec 2, 2015 (This one was from my husband… :))

Loving u is like eating peanuts, can’t be stopped

Dec 9, 2015 (Dedicated to Siska Nurhalim)

Distance will not determine our friendship. Its my luck to know you and become your friend ever since my first “nebenk” in your car. As unique as you are, you give other perspective in my way of thinking, how to be strong, how to speak out your opinion and how to be positive in any situations.

Jan 12, 2016

The only preasure for you to be better should come out from your heart, not from others who judge you.
You dont have to be perfect, you just have to be you.

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